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Antonisia is an experienced graphic designer who owns and operates ADBCreative, LLC. She believes in perpetual education and growth, thus, she continues her education in order to stay in the know when it comes to industry-specific processes and technologies. Antonisia's passion for helping others realize their brands potential leads to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

My Process



Project: Building client branding portfolio from scratch, using HTML5 and CSS3.

Anticipated completion: February 2015.


Project: Photography portfolio, logo and business card package.

Anticipated completion: January 2015.


Project: Wordpress site with blog, logo, paraphernalia and business cards for podcast.

Recently completed

A. D. Baynes

‚ÄčI design experiences

I sit down with a sketchbook to create the schematics and begin to wire frame the designs, paying close and careful attention to size, spacing and dimensions. Then,  I dive into Illustrator to finalize the design and create an incredible user experience.  

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